Stop HR 1161!

H.R. 5034 from last year, mockingly called the “Wholesaler Protection Act”, has morphed into H.R. 1161 this year. This bill would restrict the right of the consumer to purchase wine out-of-state and have it shipped to their home. The wholesalers would rather that you purchase your limited wine selections directly from them so that they get a cut of the profits from the sale.

If you would prefer to select your own wine and have the privilege of having it sent directly to your home, write your elected representatives and express your concerns!

Here are a few blogs that have written about this issue and links to their thoughts!

Tom Wark – “The Lies and Fallacies Behind the Wine Bill HR 1161”

Dr. Vino – “HR 1161: The Threat to Wine Shipping, Part II”

Vinography – “Why Every Wine Lover Needs to Call Their Representative in Congress”


ShipCompliant BLOG (Guest Post by Wendell Lee of the Wine Institute)
HR 1161: The Great Constitutional Head Fake

ShipCompliant BLOG (Guest Post by Cary Greene of WineAmerica)
What Scholars Have to Say About the CARE Bill

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2011 Barrel Tasting Weekend

A great event, hosted by the Russian River Wine Road, that showcases over 100 wineries in Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley who pour not only bottled wines but the same varietals that are still in barrels. A great way to taste new varietals, the difference between vintages in the same varietal, and differences in winemaking styles between wineries.

Highly recommended, I’ve gone for several years to exercise my palate and taste for winemaking trends. Normally Saturday is quite lively with Sunday the quieter day as those who partied too hard Saturday night not making the second of FOUR days of tasting (or SIX if you count two Fridays!)

UPDATE: We again had a blast seeing the vintage varietal differences across many different winemaking styles. Rain on both Sundays kept some indoors but we enjoyed the quieter crowds on those days. A noticeable trend at many wineries was the strong emphasis on their wine clubs. To keep their customers intrigued, these wineries are making very small vineyard designate lots only for wine club members. How fun to be able to taste the differences between vineyards across the same vintage!

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2010 Gravenstein Apple Fair

If you are in need of a fun event to attend this weekend, try the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Fair. Highlighting the Gravenstein, the fair also offers music, food and craft vendors. If you want to arrive after noon, try parking at Holy Ghost Hall at 7960 Mill Station Rd. as they have quick Rosie tram rides to the fair. We go every year!

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2010 Wine Blog Awards

Visit a wine blog lately? Try the winners of the 2010 Wine Blog Awards as noted below! The finalists are worth looking at too – click the 2010 Awards tab in this LINK.

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H.R. 5034

If you haven’t heard about the CARE Act, H.R. 5034, here is a quote from the comprehensive overview below that clarifies the result of this wholesaler sponsored bill that attacks direct shipping: “The actual impact of the CARE Act would be particularly devastating to small craft brewers, independent wineries, and small distillers who …are typically underrepresented by wholesalers but have made some inroads to consumers through direct shipping.” Read and be informed!

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Summer Weather Explained

The unusually cool and foggy weather that we have had through July and now into August has origins in a cold Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) says Dr. Greg Jones, professor of climatology from Southern Oregon University, as quoted by Glenn McCourty in “Grounded Grapegrowing” in the August 2009 issue of Wines and Vines.

PDO is a Pacific Ocean weather oscillation, specific to north of 20 degrees north latitude, that involves surface water temperatures.  Warm temperatures in the Eastern Pacific are accompanied by cool temperatures in the Western Pacific or vice versa.  These temperature swings normally vary over decades.

The Pacific Coast climate is affected by both PDO and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). ENSO involves a larger swath of the earth and includes ocean temperatures and atmospheric changes. ENSO El Nino and La Nina changes are responsive to temperature changes in waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Finally, an explanation that makes sense! When a cold PDO brings cooler and drier-than-normal weather to California AND ENSO is in the La Nina phase, this results in cold springs, and cooler-than-normal growing seasons. La Nina influences are weakening and the forecast is that we will return to a “neutral” pattern later this year.

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New Winegrowers Event


Mark your calendars for a new event from the Winegrowers of Dry Creek!  Called Zintopia, the event will take place on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH from 2pm to 7pm.

Experience the aura of harvest under the sweeping arches of a traditional open-air festival tent at the First Annual ZinTopia.

  • Wander through the pastoral artisan market featuring local olive oils, jams and honey, fresh produce,
    locally made sweets, hand-made soaps and crafts, and valley grown wild flowers.
  • Meet the owners and winemakers from more than 30 of Dry Creek Valley’s
    multi-generational, boutique, family-owned wineries.
  • Move to the music of Sonoma County’s celebrated SoulShine Blues Band.
  • Get the juices flowing in the harvest grape stomp – a Dry Creek Valley harvest tradition!
  • Get Zin-Smart at this focused Zinfandel tasting and pick up new facts to apply while savoring the showcased wines.
  • Lounge under the trees with your favorite wine and edible delights while soaking up the live sounds of blues music.
  • Discover quintessential Dry Creek Valley wines and celebrate harvest 2009!

At the northern end of scenic Dry Creek Valley
Lake Sonoma Warm Springs Recreation Area, 3333 Skaggs Springs Road – click here for map

Click here for Tickets: $75 – Tickets are limited!

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