One of Sonoma Magazine’s Top 100 Wines

Sonoma Magazine Top 100 WinesSo exciting to see another accolade for our Estate 1856 Wines and recognition of our mission to grow great Cabernet Sauvignon in Dry Creek Valley…we believe our four clones of Cabernet plus special selections of Petit Verdot and Malbec create wines of great varietal character and intensity…cheers to our 2012 Duvall’s Prospect Bordeaux Blend!!

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Estate 1856 Wines New Must Try Cult Wine!

How cool to make the number one wine (all sourced from Tzabaco Rancho Vineyards) on a new list of “10 MUST-TRY CULT WINES” from Karina Calayag of Exquise Magazine!


1.  2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Reserve, Dry Creek Valley, $42. Estate 1856

Tempting aromas of dark fruit merge with expressions of fine-grained oak. The velvety texture reveals rich layers of dark cherry, wild plum, blackberry, and mocha with a touch of spicy cedar and mineral essence. Elegant and stylish, with supple yet firm tannins and refined layers of oak notes, this Cabernet graces the palate with the finesse of a wine that deserves to be slowly sipped and savored as it lingers on the palate


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2013 Sonoma County Harvest Fair – Red Sweepstakes Win!

HF Sweepstakes 2013
I am thrilled to share that our 2010 Bordeaux Blend won a DOUBLE GOLD medal, BEST OF CLASS and the RED WINE SWEEPSTAKES at the 2013 Sonoma County Harvest Fair. The award ceremony was this evening and we were so humbled to receive this industry recognition and honor. Our 2011 Bordeaux Blend also received a DOUBLE GOLD in the same category. I’m looking forward to pouring our wine during the Harvest Fair Gala next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Cork “Taint” Info

As chlorine-cleaning compounds have been found to be one of possibly several chlorine-containing substrates that are used by molds to create 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA or “cork taint”), it would seem that we would all know by now to not use these compounds for winery sanitization (especially as there are other, just as effective, products without chlorine available). Unfortunately, the other halogens, bromine, flourine and iodine may be implicated also. Read a thorough review of the subject in this great blog article.

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Private Preserve

When bottling with a hand corker one can’t pull a vacuum like the winery corkers to remove air from the top of the bottle so why not add a bit of inert gas to achieve the same effect? I love this Private Preserve inert gas blanket spray container! Think about using it after topping demijohns too – this is an extremely convenient product!

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Kudos to Sbragia Family Vineyards!

Robert Parker has noticed our Sauvignon blanc!! The 2009 vintage from Sbragia Family Vineyards earned a 91 rating when reviewed in Dec 2010 for the Wine Advocate. The review noted: “Richer with more honeyed melon characteristics, the stainless steel-aged, non-malolactic 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Schmidt Ranch is a bigger, riper, richer, medium-bodied effort.” Congratulations Ed and Adam!!

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Wine Equipment Upgrades

The theme for this harvest will be how to upgrade equipment to produce better wine! My first recommendation is to get rid of those funky kegs with funky openings that just do not seal well. Though pricey, one cannot go wrong with stainless steel kegs with triclover fittings. Late last year I purchased several from Burgstahler Machine Works in St. Helena and they work like a charm! They don’t have a webpage but are easily reached at (707) 967-0553 where you will find a great selection of sizes.

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Estate 1856 Bottling Date!

Going to the winery for the inaugural bottling of the 2008 wines of Estate 1856 – a luscious Cabernet blend and warming Merlot dessert wine!

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