Another long, cool growing season has graced us with wines of exceptional depth. Yes, we did have to deal with increased Mildew pressure (that is what our selection of fungicides is for!), a once-in-a-lifetime heatwave in the middle of coolness that devastated some clusters (poor Zinfandel) and we had to wait until the very end for some heat to ripen the later varieties but it all came together in a shortened and rather frantic harvest that has produced wines of incredible intensity.

I am not the only one who thinks so! Ed Sbragia, quoted in the Sonoma-Marin Farm News, said “2010 was a trying year if you are a grape grower, but 2010 is an awesome year if you are a winemaker.” Rob Davis concurs with “In my 35 years as winemaker at Jordan, I’ve never seen fruit quality this good…The flavors are complex and intense, offering tannin content that is so beautifully balanced.”