Harvest 2010 Review

Another long, cool growing season has graced us with wines of exceptional depth. Yes, we did have to deal with increased Mildew pressure (that is what our selection of fungicides is for!), a once-in-a-lifetime heatwave in the middle of coolness that devastated some clusters (poor Zinfandel) and we had to wait until the very end for some heat to ripen the later varieties but it all came together in a shortened and rather frantic harvest that has produced wines of incredible intensity.

I am not the only one who thinks so! Ed Sbragia, quoted in the Sonoma-Marin Farm News, said “2010 was a trying year if you are a grape grower, but 2010 is an awesome year if you are a winemaker.” Rob Davis concurs with “In my 35 years as winemaker at Jordan, I’ve never seen fruit quality this good…The flavors are complex and intense, offering tannin content that is so beautifully balanced.”

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Harvest Frenzy!

What a crazy week last week! So much to be picked in so little time. We finished in the drizzle Friday with the unfamiliar sensation of new mud clinging to our boots. Surely we experienced a most challenging growing season but have been rewarded with happily fermenting wines expressing deep rich colors and heavenly fruity aromas that were worth the wait!

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2010 Merlot Harvested!

Harvested our Merlot for Estate 1856 Wines this morning – looking forward to playing with fruit from another long hang time growing season!

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2010 Harvest Begins

We start on Thursday! Our Sauvignon blanc and Sauvignon musque grapes will be going to their new homes at the end of the week. We’ve removed the bird netting from the Sauvignon musque and, while it was pretty quick, it certainly was not as easy as putting it on! Seemed like the edges that brushed the ground became leaf and twig magnets.

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2010 Pre-Harvest Update

After such a cool, wet Spring and lingeringly temperate Summer, finally some warm days to help raise the sugars. Nighttime temperatures are still very cool so keep your fingers crossed that we will get those sugars where they need to be!

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2010 Gravenstein Apple Fair

If you are in need of a fun event to attend this weekend, try the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Fair. Highlighting the Gravenstein, the fair also offers music, food and craft vendors. If you want to arrive after noon, try parking at Holy Ghost Hall at 7960 Mill Station Rd. as they have quick Rosie tram rides to the fair. We go every year!

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End of July Update

It is amazing how much work it takes to work with the vines and trellis systems during the summer. From shoot thinning and guiding reluctant shoots upwards into the VSP system through late Spring, we move into leaf removal and crop thinning through the summer. We’re making sure that berries have the optimal sun experience to express great fruity character!

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