Pre-Harvest 2013

Welcome to our Pre-Harvest Planning blog post for 2013!

Brian and I look forward to meeting you and sharing our winegrapes with you! To get you ready to experience the vineyard during harvest, we have included a list of links on our website that should help you navigate around the process of getting to Healdsburg, preparing for your visit, crushing and pressing and beginning the process of fermenting these grapes into award winning wine!

Let’s start by reviewing the growing season. This year we had great weather this Spring, during those important days of flowering and fruit development and have a slightly larger than normal crop of winegrapes. With little rain falling during this period, we started our reduced deficit irrigation schedule a bit earlier than normal. Our crew was able to get into the vineyard early to begin shoot thinning and canopy management. We then moved into leaf removal to increase light exposure on just the morning side of the vine rows and are now finishing up final shoot positioning while working to remove errant green clusters as we are at the end of veraison for our red varieties and beyond veraison and into berry softening for our white varieties. Sugar sampling will start next week.

We do have all of our winegrapes available, though some are limited to small amounts for blending.

Chardonnay (very limited)
Sauvignon blanc
Viognier (limited)
Malbec (somewhat limited – just for blending)
Petit Verdot (somewhat limited – just for blending)
Zinfandel (very limited – small amounts only)
Petite Sirah (very limited – very small blending amounts only)

European Grapevine Moth Update: We are OUT of the QUARANTINE ZONE!!! Due to extensive governmental efforts to control the spread of these serious pest, no new insects were found in Sonoma County last year. Only a few zones contiguous to Napa County are still in quarantine.

This means that you may transport our grapes to your own crushing/pressing facility with NO permits or other regulatory issues within California. Federal regulations still exist for sales outside of California which we will address on a case by case basis.


Things to Know Before You Arrive!

Driving Directions

Making Wine – Where Do You Start?

More later! Brian & Janice